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Timatic - Attrezzature per la lavorazione delle piante officinali - piante medicinali - aromatiche e da profumo

Tecnolab, is a dynamic and flexible company who have found success by paying close attention to the continuous changes in the markets in which we are working. Our constant investment and targeted attention to research and development, has assured Tecnolab of recognition in various fields.
Thanks to our acquired knowledge and experience since our formation in 1982, Tecnolab continues to lead the technological revolution by distinguishing itself with advanced solutions for our products.


Tecnolab, also known worldwide under the brand name of its Timatic, is synonymous with innovative systems and equipment that are used for the extraction of natural oils, herbs, essences, fragrances, active ingredients, plant extracts, extracts, homeopathic products, for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, dietary, herbal, pharmaceutics, and for the preparation of liqueurs and spices in general.


In the establishment of Spello (PG) are also produced equipment for processing and processing of medicinal plants and medicines (Mills shredders, cutters) and also equipment used in the preparation of cosmetics, such as: mixers, turbo-emulsifier, filler, containers stainless steel. The key factors that have always characterized the activity of Tecnolab are:

The key factors that have always characterized the activity of Tecnolab are:

  • Our ability to produce innovative solutions
  • Good organization and planning of our business strategy
  • Priority for satisfying our customer‚Äôs needs
  • Specialisation and ability of our human resources
  • Production of a wide range of high quality equipment
  • Continuous presence at major trade shows and fairs in which it operates

Tecnolab srl, via Vitale Rosi, 42 06038 Spello (Pg) - Italy
C.F. e P.IVA (IT) 00661400549
REA N. PG-131887

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