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Rapid extractors

Systems and equipment for the extraction of the active ingredients of plant extracts for the homeopathic industry, cosmetic, herbal, pharmaceutics, nutraceutical, and for the production of liqueurs and flavorings.


Micro Timatic

laboratory model with the extraction chamber from 0.5 to 2 L


Mini Timatic

for medium extraction chamber with 5 to 50 L


Duo Timatic

for medium rooms with 2 extraction capacity from 20 to 50 L, and from 5 to 30 L


Maxi Timatic

for large productions with the extraction chamber 100 to 200 L


Custom Timatic

for special applications


The rapid series extractors Timatic PE are technologically advanced and dedicated to the extraction of active ingredients from medicinal plants, herbs and anything 'other part of the plant world.

Modern, compact, safe, cheap alternative to represent the traditional systems such as maceration or percolation.

The extraction takes place under ideal and controlled in order to guarantee always the maximum quality yield while avoiding degradation and oxidation of the product.

You can perform extractions without any pre-treatment by both fresh and dried material, such as flowers, leaves, buds, fruits, roots, bark, stems, seeds, etc.. obtaining, at speed, a product that preserves all the nutritional, organoleptic and biofunctional.

The working cycle is fully automatic and alternates a dynamic phase, obtained in programmed pressure, a static phase necessary for the transfer of the substance in the solvent extractable. During the stance phase generates a forced percolation which, thanks to the programmable recirculation ensures a continuous flow of solvent to 'interior of the plant matrix thus avoiding over-saturation and the formation of preferential channels, thereby ensuring a total extraction of the active of the product itself.

The solid stainless steel construction AISI 316, the use of appropriate materials and widely tested, the possibility to choose the operating temperature, allows the use of numerous solvents: alcohol, water, glycol, glycerin, olive oil.

The wide range of models proposed is able to satisfy the various needs of customers.

The extractors Timatic EP series are ideal for both laboratory analysis and research for university laboratories, pharmacies, small, medium and large manufacturing industries.

Product Specifications

Fields of application
Control Panel

Fields of application:

  • Extraction of active ingredients, herbs, plant extracts from medicinal plants for pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal, cosmetic
  • Extraction of plant material for food, livestock
  • Preparation of fluid extracts, tinctures, macerated glycerin, oleoiti, Enola
  • Production of fruit liqueurs and herbs
  • Production of plant extracts

Moreover, thanks to their versatility, affordability and ease of use extractors Timatic EP can also be used for:

  • Speed up the aging process of alcohol, particularly wine, grappa and distillates
  • Flavoring oils, spirits, wines and liqueurs in general
  • Remove specific substances from the processing of production waste (for example, lycopene from tomato skins, etc.)
  • Rehydrate and spice quickly dried vegetables to reduce the cooking time (in this case the effect is exploited pressure is generated inside the extraction chamber)

Control Panel

The control panel has a dedicated microprocessor with a large memory capacity and membrane keypad and LED display functions.

The graphic display is backlit and allows real-time display of all machine parameters and, in particular:

  • the scheduled time, time remaining, the number of cycles set
  • the duration of the dynamic phase (pressure) and the static phase (decompression)
  • the minimum pressure, maximum and work
  • the number of program
  • filling time and emptying time
  • set the number of seepage
  • the working temperature and circulation in an outer container
  • the various alarms in case of system problems
  • the position of the piston during the various phases of work (up - down)


  • Speed of the extraction time than traditional extraction techniques such as maceration or percolation
  • Control of the various stages of treatment with dedicated microprocessor and continuous display of parameters
  • Extraction time programmable for different products and different concentrations
  • Production of an extract pre-filtered up to 5 mM, with an actual color and not oxidized as obtained in a hermetically closed and under anaerobic conditions
  • Recirculation in an outer container of various sizes for any concentration or dilution of the solvent itself with pneumatic pump
  • Forced percolation of the solvent during the stance phase to avoid over-saturation or the formation of preferential channels in the plant matrix
  • Programmable temperature extraction, controlled and continuously displayed. in case of recirculation
  • Reproducibility of extraction simply calling the number of pre-set (can store 50 different programs)
  • Control of the various safety messages and always on alert in case of anomalies appear during the cycle
  • Ability to operate at night without supervision of an operator
  • Fully automatic working cycles: the intervention is reduced only loading and unloading of the material
  • Low operating costs, labor saving, low power consumption
  • Reduction of the storage of raw materials and streamlining of inventory of finished product due to the rapid preparation of a new production
  • Cleaning at the end of the cycle, automatic and effective
  • Ability to use nitrogen in the discharge phase of the solvent
  • Printer data cycle, included as standard
  • Compact, safe, ergonomic, easy to install and transport

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