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1340 TS Cutter for cutting fresh or dried




Product Specifications




Equipment specially designed and built for cutting herbs and fresh and dried herbs, and other vegetable raw materials in general.

Aimed at the farmer, the wholesaler of herbs, to the laboratory for extraction, the food laboratory, to any company that should reduce the plant mass of herbs before any other operation process: drying, distillation, extraction, packing, packaging or other.
Designed with a simple structure and small size, is characterized by the cutting system, which emulates the traditional combined movement which occurs when the manufacturer operates manually, so that the descent of the guillotine blade is accompanied by a vigorous push that keeps the product compact. You get a clean cut that minimizes the loss of juices and oxidation, recovering, but the experience of innovating herbal tradition. The system of knife self sharpening knives and counter-drive double and composed of tilted blades made of special steel and highly resistant.




  • Constructed of stainless steel 304 (AISI 316 on request) and easy to clean, can be inserted directly into any line of work and start working right away
  • Self-sharpening blades to ensure continued effectiveness over time during the cutting phase are also easy to inspect and easy to replace
  • Loading the material to be cut with tapered invitation
  • Transport and conveying of the belt and rollers by means of herbs, so as to achieve the proper degree of compaction at the point of cut
  • Cutting length adjustable and programmable
  • Low Power Consumption
  • General cleaning and maintenance easy to perform
  • Integrated security systems to make it reliable and safe with regard to operator
  • Complete the safety guards according to CE safety standards
  • Power supply: 380 V + N (220 V on request)
  • Power consumption: 0.5 KW
  • Cutting Area: 43 x 300
  • Cutting length: from 4 to 40 mm
  • Production with fresh material: variable (60 - 150 kg / h)
  • Maximum overall dimensions: 150 x 60 x 110 h Weight: 90 kg

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C.F. e P.IVA (IT) 00661400549
REA N. PG-131887

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