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Vacuum Turboemulsifiers

Vmix 10, ideal for the preparation, vacuum, creams and cosmetic products in general.


In the continuous search for improving the quality of the final product, the mixing is an essential and fundamental.
The turbo-emulsifier series Vmix 10 allow to obtain good results because you can control, combine and optimize the capabilities of the motor mixer and mixing of turbo-emulsifier vacuum and the temperature of the product itself, reducing preparation time and the related costs.


Turbo-emulsifier VMix 10


Turbo-emulsifier Vmix 10 CT40 complete with refrigerator



All functions are controlled by a powerful microprocessor that enables the ability to work in manual or automatic. The operator has the ability to set and store 10 programs for 10 different processes. During the manufacturing stage, the parameters are continuously displayed on a display easy to read and intuition. The turbo-emulsifiers Vmix 10 are ergonomic and comfortable to use, and even the actions of ordinary maintenance and cleaning are easy and quick for the operator.

They are also complete with:

  • Vacuum pump and manometer
  • Motor emulsifier mixer and variable speed motor and controlled electronically
  • Timer for monitoring and setting of the various phases of work
  • Observatory for visual inspection of the product during mixing
  • Mechanical seals for reliable and long-term empty
  • Turbine intercambiabili e ancore di miscelazione a doppio effetto con pale orientate
  • Self-adjusting Teflon scrapers with fixing pin
  • Turbine interchangeable anchors, and double-acting mixing blades oriented
  • Container of the product can be easily removed to prepare
  • Stainless steel 316 high quality for all parts in contact with the product
  • Active and passive safety devices to ensure operator and product
  • Heating and cooling in a water bath of the product

In the cooling phase of the product is to use the cooler CT 40 (optional) that allows a considerable saving of energy and resources as the cooling of the water bath is done in closed loop and then the connection is not required for the loading and water discharge.


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