• The TS 1340 cutters are used for cutting fresh or dry products.

• Its excellent production capacity, compact size and low price make it an ideal tool for small herbal producers and herbal laboratories.

• The simple operation combines the traditional guillotine blade cut with a vigorous push to keep the product compact.

• The clean cut, obtained by the self-sharpening blades and counter-knives with double angular drive, minimizes juice loss and oxidation effects.

1) Product inlet

2) Control panel

3) Product outlet

4) Product retrieval container

TS 1340

Ideal for cutting all vegetable products

Sectors of use

• Herbalists

• Extractions

  • Ideal for cutting any vegetable product before drying, distillation, extraction, packaging
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel with cover panels, it is easy to clean and adapts to any production line
  • Self-sharpening blades can be inspected and easily replaced
  • Product loading with conical conveyor
  • Transport and conveying of the biomass by conveyor belts and pressure rollers
  • Adjustable and programmable cutting time
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Quick maintenance and cleaning
  • Integrated safety system and protections
  • Proximity sensors interrupt the power supply when the cover panels and the inside container are removed
  • The cutting is done with a linear movement thanks to a system of inclined and self-sharpening knife and counter-knife; the cut is therefore neat and not uneven
  • The cutting length is adjustable
  • Made of one-piece load-bearing 304 stainless steel (30×30 or 40×40) with anti-glare mesh method to support the total weight of the equipment and withstand the dynamic strain caused by moving parts
  • Support is provided by steel legs and leveling feet, all welded to thick plates placed at the most stressed points, providing stability and ease of assembly
  • Stainless steel container mounted on wheels with safety features to lock the cutter in case of wrong positioning
  • Control panel with start and stop buttons, safety key, power supply, emergency stop
  • It is realized with a double movement, lower and upper, with a traction belt conveyor
  • Automatic and programmable, by means of a low speed mono-rotor with automatic drive of the kinematics of the cutting knives