1) Control panel

2) Product outlet

3) Product loading funnel

4) Support structure

5) Swivel wheels


The 2003 Filler series filling machines are semi-automatic and equipped with a high precision peristaltic pump for filling liquid, semi-liquid, viscous, dense and creamy products.

With the heated hopper option, you can use the 2003 Filler Series fillers for any type of processing, including the heat processing required for very dense products that require constant, controlled temperatures.

All parts that come in contact with the products can easily be disassembled for cleaning and disinfection or sterilized in an autoclave for safe and effective cleaning.


  • Possible suctioning of the product into containers other than the one supplied
  • Can be connected to automatic transport units to optimize the work

Sectors of use

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry