1) Emergency button

2) Power outlet

3) LCD touch screen monitor

4) Container

5) Anchor motor

6) Product inlet

7) Product outlet

8) Turbine motor

9) Feet/Stands


An innovative line of Mixers, Emulsifiers, Stirrers and Containers for the hot and cold preparation of products in the cosmetic, food and chemical sectors.

Also designed to meet specific customer requirements, they are reliable, robust and safe machines suitable for various fields of application.


  • Dust cover
  • Sealing cover
  • Mobile stand for cart
  • Internal level sensor
  • Level display column
  • Support scale for calibration and weighing purposes
  • Liter counter for a controlled loading of ingredients
  • Various applications and customizations to meet specific customer need

Sectors of application

  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Tank capacities from 30 to 6000 liters
  • Valves and seals made of specially selected materials
  • Reinforced rim and calendered profile
  • Cylindrical or truncated cone shaped container
  • AISI 316 stainless steel construction for the parts in contact with the product
  • Made of selected and certified high quality materials, with specific bottoms and different types of internal and external finishes
  • CFC mixers for cold production
  • CFCR mixers also for hot production
  • CFCT emulsifiers for cold mixes and emulsions
  • CCT emulsifiers for hot mixing and emulsification
  • Dual insulated chamber and steel outer casing
  • Multiple solutions for direct or indirect heating: water bath with electric resistors, with steam or hot water coils, with diathermic oil, etc.
  • Two-door lid with easier and safer access
  • Automatic control and signaling system of any malfunction during the work cycle
  • Control of all the work phases with dedicated processor and possibility to work in manual or automatic mode from a preset program
  • Continuous display of all the work settings with a user-friendly and intuitive screen
  • High-powered, electronically controlled variable speed stirrers
  • Mixing system with double-acting anchors with backward inclined blades
  • Powerful, digitally controlled variable speed mixing motors for optimum mixing results, including particularly dense products
  • Wide choice of mixing anchors for any type of product
  • Pluggable, self-adjusting Teflon scrapers