• The Timatic® series extractors are technologically advanced machines for the extraction of active ingredients from medicinal plants and herbs.

• Compact and safe, they carry out the extraction process without any pretreatment from any biomass, fresh or dried, in ideal conditions, avoiding degradation and oxidation and keeping all its nutritional, bio-functional and organoleptic properties unchanged.

• The fully automatic working cycle alternates between a dynamic phase with programmed pressure and a static phase of transfer of the extractable substance during which a forced percolation is generated which, thanks also to the programmable recirculation, ensures a continuous flow of the solvent inside the vegetable matrix, avoiding oversaturation and other issues (like the formation of preferential ducts), thereby ensuring the best possible extraction of active principles.

• The robust AISI 316 stainless steel structure, the choice of tested components and temperature control make it possible to use a wide range of solvents such as: water, alcohol, glycol, glycerine, oil…

• The whole Timatic® series is also available in ATEX version upon request.